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#Wolffun Game - Biz Team Thetan Arena: a journey, and many lessons learned

"I am extremely proud to accompany the dedicated Business team to bring plenty of value to the community. That's how we make decisions about Thetan Arena's business strategy, the choice of cooperation, and the implementation of marketing campaigns. We do not rely on FOMO, instead, a long-term sustainable direction is what we always look at. Integrity is how we weather the challenges and fluctuations of the market." - Ms. Ella Do, Head of Business, Global Market of Wolffun

Milestones, a journey, and many lessons learned

"We would not have made it this far had we used manipulation tricks, such as rug pull, for our own good like thousands of other projects. We would have let everybody down, including the community and our team. We would have even lost ourselves. Therefore, we choose sustainable development as the Wolffun Game's core value. This industry will continue to evolve for decades, and we will become one of the most trustworthy entities on the horizon." - Ms. Ella Do talked about Wolffun's business philosophy for Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena employed 100 talents of Wolffun Game from 2021 through 2022. The project was launched at a time when the craze of the GameFi trend in cryptocurrency was at an all-time high, making the sector an onboarding portal for millions of users to generate profits as well as the new cash flow into the market. Numerous projects were launched almost every day then, but Thetan Arena stood the test of time thanks to the quality of the product and the development team. Acquiring millions of users in just a few weeks of release was a groundbreaking record in the GameFi market. This result testified to Wolffun Game's efforts and favourable factors from the market's fervour at the time.

"We have hundreds of partners and guilds in the Thetan Arena's ecosystem, plus one of the largest and most devoted communities, not to mention plenty of invitations for listing and AMA collaborations. Our success seems to be predetermined with unchangeable outcomes. But it is not that in reality!"

The market changing rapidly every day has turned our plans upside down plenty of times, yet that is necessary in order to adapt to the fluctuation. We must face the fact that more than good quality games are needed in a market with a minute-by-minute frenzy. Thetan Arena is the first blockchain-based eSports MOBA game; therefore, we plan to organize a series of tournaments on a global scale to boost the appeal and maintain the heat of the community. However, the token value greatly influenced the interest of the community, KOLs, and investors, all of which changed the plan for the tournament. Still, that remains our big goal for Thetan Arena and the upcoming Thetan Rivals.

Listeners and Actors

The Business Division consists of different teams, which include: Brand & Marketing, Partnership, Performance, LiveOps, Community, Customer Support, and Multimedia, but we, in a somewhat playful fashion, divide them into two groups: Listeners and Actors based on their respective functions.

The Listeners are the Customer Support and the Community Management teams, as they receive thousands of messages every hour on our community channels, social media platforms, and event through email. Thetan Arena's users are all over the world, so every minute, there will be messages coming from a specific country, which we appreciate, whether they are about sharing their experience or venting their anger when they become victims of losing their e-wallets or accounts due to online fraud. One of the most significant complaints in the community is why we 'haven't done anything when the token price drops.' I admire the ability of more than 30 CM/CS team members to keep a mental balance in the face of such tremendous pressure and how they can still maintain a respectful manner in their responses.

Wolffun Game's Biz team

"In a financial investment, you can either win or lose. Winners rarely speak out unless they have certain purposes, but those who suffer a loss will take their anger out on you in any way and everywhere, even if you have created a level playing field for them to make their own decisions."

Scam projects, rug pulls, and under-the-table handshake deals that have negatively impacted the token value for their profits have caused the community to lose faith, especially the initial investors. This issue is a significant barrier to the overall growth market. I am personally aware that deciding on the direction of always doing the right thing comes with various obstacles and challenges. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile goal to conquer as it serves as the path to sustainable development. Many investors, partners, and communities share this value.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude. We truly, really appreciate and cherish the positive comments from Thetanians around the world, who have trusted, supported, and accompanied Thetan Arena since day one. All of them have created many miracles with Thetan Arena. We are now The Best Mobile Game 2022 by GAM3 Awards and one of the most influential blockchain games, and it is all thanks to the power of our community.

Through a journey with plenty of lessons to learn with Thetan Arena, we have realized that a lot of work needs to be done harder for us to create our own 'luck' during the most challenging times in the market. We still have tons of things to do to make the project reach the peak of Web3 gaming and expand the ecosystem and increase the token's value. And we cannot wait to show you how fun and exciting it will get!

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