Thetan Rivals is a Multiplayer knockout arena, from thrilling races to hilarious activities including stumble, run, dodge, slide, jump, and fall; all of them will bring you a lot of excitement and fun, which will level up your gaming experience like never before! It’s also a brand new level of fun and games for Thetan Arena players.
    - Easy to Play, Hard to Master
    - Double fun with your friends
    - Various Game Modes & Maps
    - Cutest characters & skins
    First MOBA NFT PvP Game powered by Blockchain technology.
    Form parties with your friends, join battle & start earning with your skills.
    - 12+ million players only in 1 month after the official launch
    - 20+ million players after 3 months of launching
    - #1 in Apple Store in many countries and regions
    Reward Reward
    Award-winning MOBA paved the way for Thetan Arena.
    A fast-paced PvP MOBA with an offline version that is extremely ideal for on-the-go gaming.
    - Top 20 Google Launcher
    - 1st Batch of Google Accelerator
    - Acquired 10 million players worldwide
    Reward Reward
    ABOUT Wolffun
    Wolffun is a game development studio founded in 2014 with specialty in Online PvP Games for mobile platforms, started off as a casual game developer with 4 members.

    Since 2015, Wolffun has been focusing on mid-core action genre and published "Tank Raid Online" - the first action title in 2017. The game is loved by more than 5M players worldwide so far, achieved "Google Editors's Choice" and many other prizes since its launch.

    Wolffun's second game, Heroes Strike - Fast paced MOBA Battle Royale is also a breakthrough with a lot of achievements: Top 20 Google Launcher, 1st Batch of Google Accelerator.

    The latest and most notable launching of Wolffun is Thetan Arena, an eSport game based on Blockchain Technology with more than 12M players joined after 1 month, reached to more than 20M players after 3 months. With Thetan Arena, Wolffun aims to create not only an NFT-eSport game, but also a bigger universe to connect both gamers, traders & creators.

    Across the developing, Wolffun is always passionate about, and dedicated to making unique games that bring users the best experiences on mobile platforms.
    Perhaps one of the most hard-working wolves on the planets, and since
    working is so fun, they seem to never get enough of it.
    Though the love for making games is what makes them a team, the wolves have developed a habit of doing most of other things together.
    They enjoy each other’s company and have the tradition of playing “We’re Wolf” everyday!
    December, 2021
    Thetan Arena's Very First Milestone
    Set huge records in GameFi industry, Thetan Arena got 12M+ players after 1 month of launching, has set records in NFT Gaming Industry
    November, 2021
    Thetan Arena's Official Launch
    One of the very first eSport Mobile Game based on Blockchain Technology. First blockchain game published in both CH Play Store (Android), Appstore (iOS) & PC environment
    September, 2021
    THG's IDO
    Wolffun took the first footstep exploring the crypto world by publishing THG Token, the main currency of Thetan Arena
    December, 2020
    Launching of Heroes Strike - Fast Paced MOBA Battle Royale
    The game quickly reached 3M users worldwide
    April, 2017
    Launching Tank Raid Online
    The game 5M players worldwide and was prized with Google Editors’ Choice
    July, 2016
    Launching of Tom Cat In Space
    Wolffun's first online game - A hybrid-casual pet game
    September, 2014
    Wolffun Started To Work On Very First Game
    4 members to work on casual game, which got 50K downloads
    Wolffun’s Core Value
    Nurturing Talents
    Dream Big
    Passion defines us
    Challenge-Seeking Culture
    Focusing On The Best
    Team up with Wolffun to forge your path and craft unforgettable experiences for gamers
    Open positions