• November 21 • HR Wolffun

    Unity Game Developer Internship

    Develop game functions:
    • Work with other team members to develop all functions of one/many action PvP online game(s) which serves millions of users worldwide.
    • Examples include: combat system, clan, chat, leaderboard, server management, ranked battles system…(Please refer to the product link above for more insight about what functions you will be working on.)
    • Debug and optimize code, polish game performance.
    • Perform Unit test/system test before release/update.
    • Maintaining code, resolving issues, and performing bug fixes.
    • Research new technologies to improve current game products and apply to future projects.
    • Recommend ideas to improve qualities of the game-in-charge.
    Requirements and qualifications:

    Your experience with Unity game programming is a plus, but we care much more about your passion, mindset and willingness to learn.

    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related area. (You do not need a degree, but you must show that you have had equivalent learning experiences).
    • Strong communication and presentation skills.
    • Ability to interact with cross-functional teams.
    • Strong problem-solving abilities.
    • Excellent understanding of data structures and algorithms.
    • Good ability to read and understand English documents.
    • Proficient in programming languages, such as C++, C# and Java.

    Employee benefits:

    • Competitive salary 
    • Opportunity to work on a big project, which will provide great challenges for your skill development.
    • Free training by senior developers with years of experience specializing in PvP online game production
    • Modern workplace, free coffee, drinks, snacks and dinner everyday
    • Frequent company outing (quarterly)

    Company Information:

    Wolffun is a Vietnamese game studio, located in Ho Chi Minh city. Before Thetan Arena, Wolffun has made “Tank Raid Online” and “Heroes Strike Online” which have reached the 12-million and 8-million milestone, respectively. The product was prized with Editors’ Choice while Wolffun was rewarded with the “Top 10 Google Game Launcher” and honored by Google at Busan G-star 2018. Thetan Arena has been officially released on the 27th of November 2021 and reached 5 million players in just more than a week after, which is a phenomenal milestone in the NFT gaming industry.


    Email: [email protected] cc [email protected]

    Phone: 0375 489 679

    Address: Vina Giay Building, 180 Ly Chinh Thang Str., Ward 9, Dist. 3, HCM


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