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About Wolffun

Wolffun is a game development studio founded in 2014 with specialty in Online PvP games for mobile platforms. We started off as a casual game developer with 4 members. Since 2015, we’ve been focusing on mid-core action genre and published “Tank Raid Online” – our first action title – in 2017. The game is loved by more than 5M players worldwide so far, a Google Editors’ Choice and has also achieved many other prizes since its launch. Our second game – Heroes’ Strike – is also on its way to come out. We are passionate about, and dedicated to making unique games that bring users the best experiences on mobile.

Our Team

Maybe one of the most hard-working wolfs on the planets, and since working is so fun, they seem to never get enough of it. Though the love for making games is what makes them a team, the wolves have developed a habit of doing most of other things together.

They enjoy each other’s company and have the tradition of playing “We’re Wolf” everyday!

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Nguyen Dinh Khanh

C.E.O & Founder
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Nguyen Thi Dieu

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So Tuan Hoang

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Nguyen Quoc Dai

Lead Technical Artist
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Dinh Quang Duc

Lead Technical Artist
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Nguyen Minh Toan

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Tran Chi Bao

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Nguyen Duy Ca



September, 2014

Starting to work on the very first game.

4 members working on a casual game, which got 50k downloads

July, 2016

Launch “Tom Cat in Space”

Our first online game

A casual hybrid pet game

April, 2017

Launch "Tank Raid Online"

5M players worldwide.

A Google Editors’ Choice game

December, 2020

Heroes’ Strike Launch

Rearch 3M Users worldwide

Wolffun’s Core Value

We believe strongly that everyone has a special talent like no other, and those talents matter most to the sustainable success of the whole company. Our members are encouraged do what they love most and given opportunities to hone their skills toward it. Wolves are supposed to do hunting, but if that’s not what they want to, they are welcomed to take on other jobs as long as they are passionate about it. After all, the best results come out of the love for your work.

We like to think of ourselves as one of the biggest dreamers on the galaxy. No matter where you currently are, you can be surprised at any time of where a dream can really take you to. And since our dream is to bring more fun to the world, it will be double fun when it comes true! Yes, you can say that we are all about fantasy - making the fantasy and living in it as well!

And passion also defines all other greatest things that ever happened in the world. So we make passion a main ingredient in all our games. All of us know deeply that “do it with all your heart” can create a huge gap with just “do it”. But don’t just take our words for it, play the games and see it yourself!

Focus while working is, of course, important but certainly not enough. We also focus all of our “health point and damage” on only the most brilliant ideas. That way we can’t do many but can, instead, do the best. Nothing else should be prioritized over product quality, especially when it comes to games. Because fun is the best part of life!

We create ourselves an environment where challenges are sought after and welcomed. Every day should mean a new challenge to conquer for all the members. We don’t easily accept the first solution, even if it’s a solution from a C level manager, but actively looking for the better and better ones. That’s in our mindset, and also the reason for the uniqueness in all games we have been making.